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Farting Animals Coloring Book

RRP $29.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!


Sometime, Animals Just needs to Fart. Have you seen Animals Fart? The face they make when they fart, are Funny and silent but a deadly one: ) Color these cute and Silly Pages with some of the Funniest farting Animals in the World, and While coloring this Animals Farting try not to Laugh! Animals included are Ants, Camel, Ostrich, Parrot, Zebra Cows, Donkey, Frog, Kitten, Panda, Penguin, Elephant and So much more...This Farting Animals coloring book are for kids of all ages and those who can't resist the humor in a Good Fart.

Use Your Favorite Coloring Tools

Including colored pencils, pens, and fine-tipped markers, Crayons etc

Each Image Per Page

Each image is printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through


Display Your Artwork

You can Keep the pictures for yourself or give them to a friend who needs a laugh

Includes FREE Digital Version

As a special bonus, you can download a PDF and print your favorite images to as many times as you want.

Now on Sale

Regular Price: $9.99 - SAVE $6.00, 60% OFF - Limited time only

Makes a Great White Elephant gift!

This funny and cute coloring book is the perfect White Elephant gift Buy two copies or more and Surprise Someone Today

Buy Now, Before the Price increases...

Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button Now!

The New English Language Arts Classroom

RRP $280.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

Developed for pre-service and practicing educators in the K-12 English Language Arts (ELA) classroom, The New English Language Arts Classroom: Teaching in a Digital World is an anthology of readings that connect the ELA classroom to current technology and provide valuable, practical information about classroom trends and practices. The readings are organized into six sections that discuss the new ELA classroom, digital literacy, the reading and writing processes, listening and speaking skills, and viewing and visual representation. Specific topics include engaging students through digital literacy, teaching tips for working with Web 2.0 applications, technology for struggling readers, digital storytelling, integrating blogs into the classroom, enhancing vocabulary through podcasts, and best practices for differentiating reading instruction. Focusing on the most updated technology and its successful integration into the working classroom The New English Language Arts Classroom is ideal for courses that address teaching reading, language arts, and other foundational courses in English Language Arts curriculum. Nicole Luongo, who earned her Ed.D. at Nova Southeastern University, is an associate professor of education at St. Peter's University, New Jersey, where she is also the Director of Distance Learning. Her areas of interest include educational technology, digital tools in the classroom, and changes in education as a result of technology. She has served as a consultant for Vantage Learning and the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology. Her professional writing has appeared in theJournal of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey, the Johns Hopkins School of Education Journal, and the Journal for Computing Teachers.

The Human Hologram (earth, Book 1)

RRP $18.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

Earth is the first in a seven volume series that lovingly guides readers on a journey from the painful existence in which ego rules into the pleasure of being one's true Self. Going on this voyage convincingly shows how divine we really are.

Called The Human Hologram, this long awaited series from internationally known author and rational mystic, Otto Richter, navigates us through the twists, turns, and ups and downs of spiritual growth-with startling success! Dancing on the edge between science and the sacred, the profound and the profane, he leads readers through his empowering holographic model of the human psyche, initiating us into new dimensions of mystical power. With remarkable tools that bypass any particular religious dogma, we are shown how to connect to extraordinary physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual awareness.

The series embraces the best of humanistic, transpersonal, and research-based psychology and combines it with fundamental aspects of archaic shamanism, energetic bodywork, and a hefty dose of humor. Richter eloquently infuses the teachings of his spiritual mentors, as well as his own mystical insights. Outstanding findings in the neurosciences are also revealed that, now more than ever, explain how our brain chemistry is involved. Plus, a guided meditation (also available as a digital-audio download) offers a deeper, more refined experience of each volume.

The Earth of The Human Hologram represents the very source of our life energy. It is the aspect of the human psyche that provides us with the strength, nourishment, and passion we need to grow into our full potential.

In this volume of the set, we'll learn how to sink our roots deeply into that fertile soil and efficiently tap into the source of the Life Force.

  • Redefine your relationship to your sexual energy, generating greater power and attractiveness.
  • Learn the "ground rules" of energy that will help you find greater pleasure in your everyday life.
  • Discover how to positively impact your nervous system and immune system simply by using your imagination, becoming more energized and revitalized.

Digital Vlsi Systems Design

RRP $546.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

This book deals with actual design applications rather than the technology of VLSI Systems. This book is written basically for an advanced level course in Digital VLSI Systems Design using a Hardware Design Language (HDL), V- ilog. This book may be used for teaching undergraduates, graduates, and research scholars of Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering, Embedded Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation, Applied Electronics, and interdis- plinary departments such as Biomedical, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics, etc. This book also serves as a reference design manual for practicing engineers and researchers. Although this book is written for an - vanced level course, diligent freelance readers, and consultants, especially, those who do not have a first level exposure of digital logic design, may also start using this book after a short term course or self-study on digital logic design. In order to help these readers as well as regular students, the book starts with a good review of digital systems design, which lays a solid foundation to understand the rest of this book right up to involved Project Designs unfolded gradually. Contents of the Book The book presents new source material and theory as well as synthesis of recent work with complete Project Designs using industry standard CAD tools and FPGA boards, enabling the serious readers to design VLSI Systems on their own.

A Spiritual Guide To Starting Over After 50

RRP $39.99


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