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Pixel Ad Mall :: Advertising The Pixel Way

New Delhi, India: Can Selling a 'Pixel', the smallest graphic unit on your computer screen, make you a millionaire? If you apply the formula used by England's Alex Tew, creator of the wildly successful Million Dollar Homepage, it just might. The idea is simple: Create affordable Internet advertising space by selling blocks of pixel (usually 10X10) ads on a high traffic Web site. Then, link those blocks back to the advertiser's site and tell everyone you know about it to create buzz. M-Soluti........ Read More

Pixel Advertising Comes Of Age

A pixel ad page is comprised of a grid of one million pixels. Advertisers purchase pixels in minimum 10x10 blocks for $1.00 per pixel, creating banners that link to their websites. Visitors spend hours checking out the links and generating advertiser traffic. In the process, they raise the ranking of the pixel advertising web page, generating a continuing stream of visitors who click through to advertisers. There are dozens of pixel advertising websites. To try to set themselves apart from........ Read More

Different Spin To Online Pixel Advertising?

As opposed to similar sites that only sell a page of pixel-space, MyMillionDollarCity sells "buildings" and "plots" that can be bought and sold, and adverts can be resold or auctioned-off at a later time. The Web site is truly an online city, with businesses and people from all over the world coming together. The advertising space is in the design of a large city map, with skyscrapers, highways and waterfront properties. Users can select which building or property they wish to buy or simpl........ Read More

New And Latest Concept In Pixel Advertising

While television advertisers are scrambling to conquer Tivo® and get people to actually look at their ads, a new breed of fast emerging media may be just what they’ve been looking for. The new media that could save the day for advertisers looking to recapture lost viewers is called “pixel ads”. Pixel ads are found on web sites that sell micro-ads sized in 10 by 10 pixel increments. The tiny ads are placed on the pixel ad site’s home page and link to the web sites of the various adverti........ Read More

What Is Pixel Advertising

There is a new form of advertising that is taking off and from the new coverage it is getting it may be the next biggest thing since PPC. Currently webmasters spend huge amounts of money to get web visitors via banner ads, popup ads, and pay per click ads. The newest mode of attracting traffic is called Pixel Advertising. The basic premise is that people buy pixels on a web page that link back to their web site. The pixels form images that develop into a mosaic that can become a pop culture pi........ Read More

Pixel Advertising - What's The Point?

Summer of 2005 was nearing its end in England and a young man by the name of Alex Tew was about to enter college. He thought that it was insane that he'd go to university for 4 or 5 years and then come out owing tens of thousands of dollars (or pounds as it were). So, he had this silly little idea ... put up a website with one million pixels of advertising space for $1 a pixel, keep all of the ads up forever (or at least five years), and use that money to pay for his schooling. If he sold all of........ Read More


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Pixel Pixel Trap Pixel Ads Pixel Advertising
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